Abito s.r.o. is an innovative and dynamic company that specializes in executing development projects, delivering exceptional architecture and construction services, and managing construction processes. Founded in 2020 by architects Ofir Albag and Martin Huba with cumulative experience in the real estate sectors in different countries, including Italy, Israel, and Slovakia, the company is driven by a passion for creating quality livable spaces and timeless designs for all.

At Abito s.r.o., our mission is to minimize the impact on the environment while maximizing work efficiency by merging cutting-edge technologies with classical construction processes. We collaborate with a team of highly skilled professionals and reliable contractors to ensure that we deliver every project on time and with added value for our clients.

What sets us apart is our ability to combine modern technologies with traditional construction processes, providing our clients with exceptional results that exceed their expectations. Our projects are designed to harmonize with the surroundings, including greenery, surrounding buildings, and most importantly, provide a meaningful contribution to the lives of future owners, the community, and the neighborhood.

At Abito s.r.o., we believe in a thorough analysis of the market and the location, an architectural study, and a detailed business plan. We invest conservatively and provide a depth of analysis that goes beyond standard practice, ensuring that we deliver outstanding results for our clients.

We are committed to exceptional customer service and making a meaningful contribution to the community. Our commitment to quality makes us the ideal partner for anyone looking to invest in sustainable and innovative development projects in Slovakia. Choose Abito s.r.o. for exceptional results that exceed your expectations.